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You are here for something special

Seeking the little missing piece for a happier day, or a moment to be yourself, where you are far from a dad or a husband, just someone living free and having fun. And you know well that when you find that missing piece, this burst of fullness lingers for not just one, but many days… Oh, let me warn you, this lasting feeling of bliss engraved in your memory is truly addictive!

Now you are on my page, dreaming of a perfect moment, a little bit hesitant, very much aroused, waiting to be convinced by the most luscious invitation.


Let me tell you what you will find when the door opens.


We’ll find ourselves together because we share an authentic quest of playful collusions, unpretentious affairs of pure simplicity, and because I am easygoing and what we want isn’t complicated. I have no doubt that we’ll become comfortable together within a few laughs and stories, which will make our next type of conversation fun, and flowing…


Although the mysteries of love in the moonlight are always a classic to explore, mornings and afternoons have a little je-ne-sais-quoi that propels them to a place of secrets and passionate (and very carnal) exchanges, don’t you think? So, whether you have a penchant for irresistible mornings, feisty afternoons or delicacies at dusk, my appetite is wide awake.


Speaking of appetite, I am easily seduced around food. I love a good meal, a flavorful evening with lots of food and different tastes. My mouth is sensitive to all delicacies. I close my eyes when I eat delicious food, savouring with a smile, just like when I pose my lips on your virility, enjoying a full bite…


Nothing I offer is rushed. It’s my signature. You come to see me for that slow-paced moment mixed with fierce spontaneity, that sensual tension I create. The longer our rendez-vous, the more comfortable I get.


But maybe you’ll want to start with something shorter and see where our energy takes us. That's natural. Time is not the only variable for a delirious fun fix. Just start where you feel comfortable, we'll grow from there.


There are a lot of possibilities to imagine, I know your mind is boiling right now!


So tell me about your ideal date.


And if you want, I can tell you what my favorites are. Aside from christening every corner of the gigantic suite you rent for us, I curated many short to extended adventures and date ideas just in case pleasing me is what makes you tick.

The perfect partner for a sensuous adventure

I’ve seen Giselle twice already with plans for more visits in the future.

Upon arriving at her place it’s impossible not to notice how gorgeous this woman is. She is spectacular and looks every bit as good as the photos on her website. I was nervous meeting her for the first time but her friendly manner and welcoming smile instantly put me at ease. Beyond her good looks and chic ensemble, she is a total sweetheart and a pleasure to be with.

Within a few minutes of sharing our first drink together, it’s as if we were old friends catching up, trading stories and shameless flirtations. 

Very quickly she made me perfectly comfortable and as things progressed we find ourselves in the bedroom. Once she had me in her clutches I wondered why I ever waited so long to see her. This woman is sensual, passionate and she enjoys taking her time. Being with her is a feast for the senses, treat her right and she will take you on an adventure you won’t soon forget.

- T

5p6 • 115 lbs • 32DD • early 30's
brunette • slender, fit

français and english • non-smoker

very natural look

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