Seeking the little missing piece for a happier day, or a moment to be yourself, where you are far from a dad or a husband, just a human living free and having fun. And you know well that when you find it, this burst of fullness lingers for not just one, but many days… Oh, let me warn you, this lasting feeling of bliss engraved in your memory is truly addictive!

Now you are on my page, dreaming of a perfect moment, a little bit hesitant, very much aroused, waiting to be convinced by the most luscious invitation.

Let me tell you what you will find when the door opens.

We’ll find ourselves together because we are sharing an authentic quest of playful collusions, unpretentious affairs of pure simplicity, because I am easy going, and I’m sure you are too, and what we want to live isn’t complicated. I have no doubt that we’ll become comfortable together within a few laughs and stories, which will make our next type of conversation even more fun…


Again, what we want isn’t complicated. Irresistible mornings, feisty afternoons, delicacies at dusk. Although the mysteries of love in the moonlight are always a classic to explore, mornings and afternoons have a little je-ne-sais-quoi that propels them to a place of secrets and passionate exchanges, don’t you think? Imagine the golden sun caressing our skin, or the warmth under the covers after a long night of sleep that makes our heads spin.


There are a lot of possibilities to imagine, I know your mind is boiling right now!

So tell me about your ideal date.

And if you want, I can tell you what my favorites are, aside from christening every corner of the gigantic suite you rent for us, I curated a lot of short to extended adventures and date ideas just in case pleasing me is what makes you tick.


I do not do this to be bored. I compare my life to an odyssey that can never be too long, nor too exciting, page after page no half measures are expected, where ordinary is not part of my daily life; I can only live the same way in this demimonde.

A sweet innocence may transpire from that romantic side, but don’t be fooled, I will reveal myself in due course and naivety is not a trait that I possess!

Easily seduced around food, I love a good meal, a flavorful evening with lots of food and different tastes. My mouth is sensitive to all delicacies. I close my eyes when I eat delicious food, savouring with a smile, just like when I pose my lips on your virility, enjoying a full bite…

Let’s just say that including a feast to our moment is a sure ticket to paradise!

Nothing I offer is rushed. It’s my signature. You come see me for that slow-paced moment mixed with fierce spontaneity, that sensual tension I create. The longer our rendez-vous, the more comfortable I get. It will seem obvious that I want to live long, fun and extravagant experiences, of course I want to! I’m a young woman, I shine when I play.

But maybe you’ll want to start with something shorter, and see where our energy takes us. That's natural. Time is not the only variable for a delirious fun fix. Just start where you feel comfortable, we'll grow from there.

Either way, we’ll take our time to explore, tease, wait, look, hear and feel each other.

We’ll dig for treasures!

We’ll connect.

Let's go Giselle!

After trying to get our paths to cross for while, I finally was able to meet Giselle in Toronto and we agreed on a special evening and went to see Toronto Raptors.


We meet beforehand, donned our best fan attire and made our way to the game. She was very easy to talk and the game despite its excitement left us time to get to know each other. After enjoying some food and drinks, we decided to make our way back to her place.

What I can I say? It was the best part of the evening and it's not just because the Raptors lost. Giselle is a very sensual woman who knows how to please and to be pleased. Her beauty is timeless and she moves like a feline.

I wish the night never ended, but unfortunately I had to be on my way. 

Until our paths cross again.

- Jacques

5p6 • 115 lbs • early 30's • enhanced • brunette