One brief moment

Pleasure in its simplest form. Because what we want isn't complicated.

What are you hungry for?

From casual brunches to fancy cocktails or elegant dinners, it's the stories we share and the connivance we create that make this longer experience unique. 

I'll make your heart smile

Craving for more than a luscious evening? Let's stop counting the hours. Look up my experiences page for fun date ideas.

​When something's so good, why should we rush?

You choose time as a gift for yourself. We have all the time in the world, to explore, want, feel. Do we plan our weekend, or do we improvise?

We just can't get enough

Deux sybarites en cavale! What else do we need, other than living life to its fullest? Do you want more? Add 1500$ for each extra night.

1 hour, 550

1,5 hour, 650

2 hours, 750

3 hours, 1100

5 hours, 1500

12 hours, 3000

24 hours, 4000

two nights, 6000

three nights, 8000

fly me to you
Canada and International

I am always available for a fly me to you in any big cities in Canada or internationally, for a few hours or a few days!

Don't know where to begin? I am extensively accustomed to traveling with gentlemen and I will happily guide you step by step to make sure everything goes smoothly until our last good-bye kiss on the tarmac. Start by sending me a proper presentation of yourself and all the details of the trip you have in mind - when? where? why? how long? and let me introduce you to an addictive adventure...

Travel expenses must be covered by you in addition to the rates above, to which I can add a travel fee. A fee for one night hotel room is automatically added when our appointment ends after bus, train or plane operating hours. Furthermore, a copy of your hotel reservation and a deposit are required.

For any invitation in the USA, my rates above should be read and paid in US dollars. For other international destinations, contact me with full details for a personal quote. 

A minimum duration applies depending on destination:

quebec and ottawa, starting at 2000$ + travel expenses

toronto, west coast and prairies, starting at 3000$ + travel expenses + accommodation

maritime provinces, a full day or greater + travel expenses

international, two nights or greater + travel expenses + accommodation