Use this form to connect with me. Tell me about you, your ideal date, what makes you tick. Use your own words to portray yourself; the fuller your introduction, the more effortless our connection will be on a first meeting. Make sure to include your age, where you are from and a short physical description.


Contacting me at least 72h in advance is preferable and most appreciated. I sometimes, yet rarely, have same-day availability. If we've never met before, a thorough screening process must be completed. So please, inquire with all the necessary information along with a complete presentation of yourself upon your first contact.

I receive my guests in a clean and modern condo in downtown Montreal, or a central and well-renowned hotel in the city I visit. I can also join you at an upscale hotel in the downtown area and surroundings and, at my discretion, in the airport area for a fee. I do not go to private residences. 


Methods of screening I accept, in order of importance.

• reference(s) from reputable courtesan(s)

• a photo of your driver license or passport - usa, add employment information

• one of the above and p411 identification

• in-person verification of your ID in a public location of my choosing, for a substantial fee. Montreal only, not offered to visitors

Along with any of the methods above, a deposit will be asked, and more than one screening information can be necessary. 

Merci, bien reçu! Message sent, thank you!
If I haven't answered after 48h, just email me directly.